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Structure of Higher Education System


Public higher and further education in Malta consists of one University (the University of Malta) and several colleges, post-secondary schools and institutes. Education at tertiary level is publicly funded and is free, and sudents receive a stipend as well as an allowance for academic-related expenditure. In addition to public institutions, there exist private higher and further education institutions.

Stages of studies

University level first stage

Bachelor’s degree

The Bachelor’s degree is obtained in three to four years (180-240 ECTS credits), depending on the field of study.

University level second stage

Master’s degree/ Postgraduate diploma

The second stage leads to the award of a Master’s degree after 1 to 2 years’ study (90-120 ECTS credits) or a Postgraduate diploma after a period of one year of study (60 ECTS credits).

University level third stage


The third stage leads, after at least three years of study following the...

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