Alemán Lacayo, Arnoldo (Nicaragua)

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A former mayor of Managua, Arnoldo Alemán Lacayo was president of Nicaragua from 1996–2000, representing the right-wing Alianza Liberal (Liberal Alliance; AL) party. An opponent of the Sandinistas, Alemán defeated Ortega to become president of Nicaragua from 1996–2000. Known as El Gordo (‘The Fat Man’. for his physical and financial appetite, he was convicted on corruption and theft charges in 2003.

Early Life

Born on 23 Jan. 1946, Alemán studied law at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua in Managua, graduating in 1967. In 1986 while he was president of the National Association of Coffee Producers in Managua, he was imprisoned by the Sandinista government for counter-revolutionary activity. On his release he was banned from leaving the country for 3 years and put under surveillance.

Alemán was mayor of Managua between 1990–96 when he attempted to renovate the city using international aid, although results were limited. Much of the city centre destroyed in the...

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