Churchill, Winston (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

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Winston Churchill, politician, writer and orator, served two terms as British prime minister. His first term, 1940–45, was as head of the coalition government during World War II. During this testing time he was to display considerable personal skills and qualities that played a significant role in uniting the British people for the duration of the war and which were essential to Allied victory. His second term of office was between 1951 and 1955 as head of a Conservative administration. His contributions during World War II established him as one of the most highly regarded figures of British history.

Early Life

Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born on 30 Nov. 1874 at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire to Lord Randolph Churchill (descendant of the 1st Duke of Marlborough) and Jennie Jerome, who came from a wealthy American background. Winston was schooled at Harrow but was a lonely boy who failed to shine. After two unsuccessful applications, he was accepted into the...

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