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Lösch, August (1906–1945)

  • Wolfgang F. Stolper
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Lösch was born on 15 October 1906 in Oehringen (Württ), though he considered Heidenheim (Brenz) his home. He went to school there, studied in Freiburg with Eucken and in Bonn with Schumpeter and Spiethoff. He was twice a Rockefeller Fellow in the United States, where he did most of the theoretical and empirical work on Die räumliche Ordnung der Wirtschaft (1939a), published in the United States as the Economics of Location in 1954. His Habilitation (that is, his qualification to teach at a university) on population waves and business cycles was accepted but its unpopular conclusions and his known anti-Nazi views prevented him from getting the venia legendi, the actual permission to teach. He found refuge with the Kiel Institut für Weltwirtschaft, where he became chief of his own research group while at the same time suffering from political interference. He wrote a number of reports for the institute, one of which was published with his conclusions reversed. He kept his personal integrity at great personal cost. He died on 30 May 1945 in Ratzeburg (Holstein) of scarlet fever, which his weakened condition could not tolerate. In 1971, the City of Heidenheim honoured his memory by sponsoring biennial international conferences on location problems, establishing a prize for the best theses in the field and, a few years later, a special honour for older scholars in the field.


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