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Jewkes, John (1902–1988)

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Jewkes was educated at Barrow Grammar School and Manchester University. His first job was as Assistant Secretary of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, 1925–26. He was then appointed lecturer in economics at Manchester University, and stayed there for three years. Following a period in the United States, he returned to Manchester as Professor of Social Economics in 1936. After holding this chair for ten years, he was appointed Stanley Jevons Professor of Political Economy at Manchester. In 1948 he became Professor of Economic Organization at Oxford, and a Fellow of Merton College, and held this chair until his retirement in 1969. His professional contacts, however, remained mainly outside Oxford. Jewkes had a distinguished wartime career. He became Director of the Economic Section of the War Cabinet Secretariat in 1941, and was appointed Director-General of Statistics and Programmes at the Ministry of Aircraft Production in 1943. This was followed by other posts, and after his return to university life he was a member of a number of royal commissions and other official committees.


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