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Longfield, Mountifort (1802–1884)

  • R. D. Collison Black
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Longfield was born at Desertserges, Country Cork, Ireland, in 1802. Although he graduated from Trinity College, Dublin, in 1823 with first class honours in natural sciences, he was elected a Fellow of his college in 1825 as ‘jurist’. His subsequent career was primarily in real property law, but when Archbishop Whately founded the professorship of political economy at Trinity College, Dublin, in 1832, Longfield was the successful candidate and became the first holder of the chair, from 1832 until 1836. In 1834 he was appointed Regius Professor of Feudal and English Law and in 1849 became one of the first Commissioners of the newly established Irish Incubered Estates Commission. When this was transmuted into the Landed Estates Court in 1858, Longfield was appointed a Judge of that court, retiring in 1867. He died in Dublin in 1884.

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