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Mazzola, Ugo (1863–1899)

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Italian economist, born in Naples on 16 September 1863; died in Courmayeur on 14 August 1899. When he was just 20 years old, he graduated from the University of Naples, where his economic course had been largely based on the ideas of Francesco Ferrara. He did postgraduate research in Berlin, where he came in touch with Adolf Wagner and carried out research on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture into the problems associated with providing insurance for the working classes. At the age of 24 Mazzola was appointed to the Chair of Public Finance at the University of Pavia, where in 1896 he, with other economists, bought up the Giornale degli Economisti and transformed it into a centre of liberal thought. It was in this journal that the most eminent economists of the time, Maffeo Pantaleoni, Antonio De Viti De Marco, and Vilfredo Pareto, had their work published.


Free trade Marginalist theory Mazzola, U. Pantaleoni, M. Price determination Public finance 

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