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Myrdal, Gunnar (1898–1987)

  • Paul Streeten
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Gunnar Myrdal was born in the province of Dalarná in Sweden. He attributed his faith in Puritan ethics and his egalitarianism to his sturdy farming background.


Cumulative causation Economic development Ex ante and ex post Expectations Myrdal, G. Non-economic variables Planning Population policy Racial disadvantage Stagflation Underdevelopment 

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  1. Myrdal’s intellectual development is described in J. Angresano, The Political Economy of Gunnar Myrdal, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 1997. The influence of An American Dilemma on public policy has been sufficiently great to generate scholarly studies on its genesis and impact, including W. Jackson, Gunnar Myrdal and America’s Conscience: Social Engineering and Racial Liberalism, 1938–1987, Durham: University of North Carolina Press, 1990, and D. Southern, Gunnar Myrdal and Black–White Relations: The Use and Abuse of an American Dilemma, 1944–1969, Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1987.Google Scholar

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