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Jones, Richard (1790–1855)

  • C. A. Gregory
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Jones was born at Tunbridge Wells, Kent. After finishing his studies at Cambridge in 1816 he took holy orders and served as a curate at various places in England for the next decade and a half. During this time he developed an interest in political economy which culminated in his Essay on the Distribution of Wealth: Vol. I. Rent (1831a). Soon after publication he was appointed Professor of Political Economy at the newly established King’s College, London. In 1835, following the death of Malthus, he was appointed Professor in the East India College at Haileybury and remained there until his death in 1855. He took an active part in the commutation of tithes and served as a commissioner of tithes from 1836 to 1851.


English Historical School Inductive method Jones, R. Malthus’s theory of population McCulloch, J. R. Peasant economy Ricardian theory of rent 

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