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Dunoyer, Barthélémy Charles Pierre Joseph (1786–1862)

  • R. F. Hébert
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French economist and publicist, born at Carennac (southwest France) on 20 May 1786, died at Paris on 4 December 1862. Dunoyer studied law in Paris, where he befriended Charles Comte, who shared his liberalism and joined him in founding and editing Le Censeur, a journal of institutional and legal reform. The journal was discontinued in 1820 due to increasingly repressive press laws. Subsequently Comte went to Switzerland, whereas Dunoyer stayed in Paris and devoted himself exclusively to economics. He became professor of political economy at the Athenée, later publishing his lectures under the title L’industrie et la morale considerées dans leurs rapports avec la liberté. In 1832 he was elected to the French Institute, and in 1845 he became president of the Société d’Economie Politique. He spent two decades in public life, entering the government in 1830 under the bourgeois monarchy of Louis-Philippe, and withdrawing after the coup d’état of 1851. His articles appeared frequently in the Journal d’Economie Politique and in other French journals.

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