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Bortkiewicz, Ladislaus von (1868–1931)

  • Luca Meldolesi
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‘By far the most eminent German statistician since Lexis’ (Schumpeter 1932, p. 338), Bortkiewicz was born in St Petersburg into a family of Polish origin and educated in a Russian cultural environment (the University of St Petersburg included). Later, encouraged by W. Lexis and G.F. Knapp, he studied at the University of Strasbourg, where for two years he also taught, as Privat-Dozent, accident insurance and theoretical statistics. Back to St Petersburg, he worked from 1899 to 1901 at the Aleksandr Liceo – an elite secondary school of Russian étatisme. Then he was appointed ‘extraordinary’ (i.e. assistant) professor of economics and statistics at the University of Berlin, where he taught for 30 years, receiving his full professorship in 1920.

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