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Copland, Douglas Berry (1894–1971)

  • M. Harper
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Copland was born at St Andrews, New Zealand, in 1894 and died at Kilmore, Australia, in 1971. Australia’s most public applied economist from the 1920s to 1960, he pioneered opportunities for professional economists. He was the first occupant of positions such as Professor of Economics at the University of Tasmania (1920–24), Professor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne (1924–44), President of the Economic Society of Australia and New Zealand (1925), chief editor of the Economic Record (1924–45), Australian/New Zealand representative for the Social Sciences Division of the Rockefeller Foundation (1925–54), Vice-Chancellor of the Australian National University (1948–53), Principal, Australian Administrative Staff College (1956–60), and Chairman, Committee for the Economic Development of Australia (1960–66).

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