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Ure, Andrew (1778–1857)

  • William Lazonick
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Andrew Ure, MD, was professor of chemistry and natural science at Anderson’s College, Glasgow from 1804 to 1830. In 1830, he introduced the word ‘thermostat’ into the English language in conjunction with a patent that he secured (Standfort 1982, p. 659). At about the same time, he moved to London to serve as a consultant in analytical chemistry to the Board of Customs. From 1832 to 1834, his major research assignment was to ascertain the wastage rate of raw material in sugar refining in order to determine the rebates on raw sugar import duties that British refiners could legitimately claim. Ure (1843, p. iv) complained that his research saved the exchequer £300,000 but yielded him only £800 in remuneration and cost him his health.

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