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Historical Economics, British

  • J. Maloney
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A group of economists whose heyday was from 1875 to 1890 and whose major figures were John Kells Ingram (1823–1907), James E. Thorold Rogers (1822–1890), T.E. Cliffe Leslie (1827–1882), William Cunningham (1849–1919), Arnold Toynbee (1852–1883), William Ashley (1860–1927) and W.A.S. Hewins (1865–1931). H.S. Foxwell (1849–1936) was sympathetic to their approach but outside the group’s mainstream. All were united by an inductive approach to economics, a determination to stress that no economic theory or policy could be appropriate to all times and places, and a conviction that classical and neoclassical economics alike were already too abstract to give state or citizen much practical help, and were getting worse.


Ashley, W. British historical economics Cliffe Leslie, T. E. Cunningham, W. Economic man Evolutionary economics Foxwell, H. S. German Historical School Hewins, W. A. S. Historicism Hobson, J. A. Holism Individualism versus holism Ingram, J. K. Jones, R. Marginalism Marshall, A. Protection Rogers, J. E. T. Toynbee, A. 

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