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Mundell, Robert (Born 1932)

  • Charles Engel
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Mundell is best known for his work creating an open-economy version of the IS–LM model. Its special interest lies in the analysis of monetary and fiscal policy. He emphasized the importance of the speed of adjustment in capital markets and the role of fixed versus flexible exchange rates in determining the impact of policy changes and the determination of a desirable monetary–fiscal policy mix. Mundell has also been influential on optimum currency areas, the effect of inflation on portfolio investment, and trade theory.


Assignment problem Balance of payments Central banking Expectations External balance Factor mobility Fiscal policy Fixed exchange rates Flexible exchange rates Heckscher–Ohlin–Samuelson model Interest rates International capital flows IS–LM analysis Monetary approach to the balance of payments Monetary equilibrium Monetary policy Mundell, R. Open-economy models Optimum currency areas Sterilization Sticky prices 

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