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Gérard-Varet, Louis-André (1944–2001)

  • Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira
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Born on 30 June 1944 at Auxerre, Gérard-Varet studied economics and sociology at the University of Dijon, and prepared his doctorate partly at CORE (Louvain). He taught, as full professor, in Strasbourg, Toulouse and, for most of his academic career, Marseille, where he died on 31 January 2001. He played a quite important role, not only through his teaching and his scientific production, but also as an organizer, in particular as long-term director of his research centre (GREQAM, Marseille) and president of national and international economic associations.


Adverse selection Art, economics of Competitive toughness index Endogenous fluctuations Enforcement mechanisms Expected externality mechanism Farkas lemma General equilibrium Gérard-Varet, L.-A. Imperfect competition Industrial organization Involuntary unemployment Lagrange multipliers Market share Market size Mechanism design Moral hazard Oligopolistic competition Overlapping generations P-equilibrium Pricing schemes Truth revelation 

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