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Maddala, G.S. (1933–1999)

  • Kajal Lahiri
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G.S. Maddala’s many publications covered almost every substantive areas of econometrics – distributed lags, generalized least squares, panel data, simultaneous equations, measurement errors, switching and disequilibrium models, qualitative and limited dependent variable models, selection and self-selection models, exact small sample distributions of estimators, outliers and bootstrap methods, robust estimators and more. G.S. became a veritable textbook himself – a pre-eminent teacher in econometrics and an authority on almost every econometrics topic. G.S. was a brilliant expositor – he could cut through the technical superstructure to reveal only essential details, while retaining the nerve centre of the subject matter he sought to explain.


Maddala, G. S Griliches. Z Bayesian econometrics Bootstrap Cointegration Crosssection information Disequilibrium models Dummy variables Econometric Society Econometrics Elasticity of substitution Error component estimator Exchange rate determination Heteroskedasticity Instrumental variables Limited dependent variables Maximum likelihood Mundlak, Y Nerlove, M Panel data Pareto distribution Pascal lag Production functions Qualitative variables Rational distributed lag models Rational expectations Recursive models Sample theory Simultaneous equations models Singh–Maddala distribution Structural breaks Structural change Survey data Technical change Time series analysis Two-step procedures Unit roots Wald test Weibull distribution 

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