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Davenport, Herbert Joseph (1861–1931)

  • Warren J. Samuels
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Davenport was born on 10 August 1861, in Wilmington, Vermont, and died on 16 June 1931, in New York City. He commenced a professorial career at the age of 41 after having been a land speculator (initially successful, but wiped out in the Panic of 1893) and high school teacher and principal. His academic work was at the University of South Dakota, Harvard Law School, Leipzig, Paris and Chicago (Ph.D., 1898). He taught at Chicago (1902–8), Missouri (1908–16) and Cornell (1916–29). He was President of the American Economic Association in 1920.


Absolutist value theory American Economic Association Davenport, H. J. Positive economics Relativistic price theory Supply and demand Veblen, T 

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