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Domar, Evsey David (1914–1997)

  • E. Cary Brown
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Domar (Domashevitsky) was born in 1914 in Lodz, Russia (now Poland), spent most of his early life in Harbin, Manchuria, and moved permanently to the United States in 1936. His undergraduate degree in economics (1939) was from the University of California (Los Angeles); his graduate work was at the Universities of Michigan (MA, Mathematical Statistics) and Harvard (Ph.D., 1947), where he studied with Alvin Hansen, the leading American Keynesian and most important single intellectual influence on Domar. Domar is best known for his leadership role, along with Roy Harrod, in the initiation of modern growth theory.


Domar, E. D. Economic growth Harrod–Domar growth model Portfolio theory Proportional income tax Slavery Technical change 

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