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Laffont, Jean-Jacques (1947–2004)

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Jean-Jacques Laffont was one of the great economists of the last quarter of the 20th century, with an encyclopedic mind in a time of intense specialization. He won widespread respect and recognition for his breakthroughs in both theory (including public goods, contract theory, and the regulation of natural monopoly) and econometrics. In addition, he was energetically engaged in institution-building not only in Europe but also in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


Access prices Adverse selection Asymmetric information Auctions Bayesian implementation Budget balance Coase Theorem Collective choice Collusion Contract theory Disequilibrium macroeconomic models Econometric Society Econometrics Engineering cost models European Economic Association Industrial organization Instrumental variables Laffont, J.-J. Less developed countries Nonlinear simultaneous equations Occupational choice Partial equilibrium Productivity Public goods Regulation of natural monopolies Regulatory capture Revealed preferences Risk aversion Theory of entrepreneurs 

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I am grateful to Jacques Crémer, Marc Ivaldi, David Martimort and Eric Maskin for helpful comments


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