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Reddaway, William Brian (born 1913)

  • G. C. Harcourt
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Brian Reddaway was born in 1913 in Cambridge, England. He read economics at King’s College, Cambridge (1932–4). Keynes supervised him at the time when he was writing the General Theory. Reddaway absorbed its message so well that he wrote one of the most perceptive reviews (1936) of the book. Reddaway has in recent years played a prominent role in defending Keynesian theory and policy against monetarist critics. Nevertheless, he is an openminded eclectic, accepting ideas from any approach provided that they have an empirical foundation. In Australia, working with Giblin as a Research Fellow in Economics at the University of Melbourne, he so distinguished himself by his evidence (1937) on the Basic Wage to the Arbitration Court that the Wage itself in the year of his evidence (1937) became known as ‘The Reddawage’.

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