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Wheatley, John (1772–1830)

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Lawyer and economist, Wheatley was born in Erith, Kent, of a prominent landed and military family, and died at sea on a voyage from South Africa to England. A memorial plaque to him is in the Wheatley chapel of the Erith parish church. At Oxford he was a member of Christ Church, and after receiving his BA in 1793 was admitted to Lincoln’s Inn, but his activity in the law was limited, and his life was devoted largely to writing on economics and playing a small part in Whig politics. With him at Christ Church was Charles Watkin Williams Wynn, nephew of Lord Grenville, and Wheatley was active in support of Grenville’s successful campaign in 1809 for Chancellor of Oxford University; he had correspondence with Wynn in 1812 about running for Parliament on the Whig ticket, but nothing came of this; a book of 1816 took the form of a letter to Lord Grenville, and his pamphlet of 1823 was a letter to Wynn.


Bank Charter Act (1844) Note issue Wheatley, J. 

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