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Palmer, John Horsley (1779–1858)

  • Anna J. Schwartz
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Governor of the Bank of England from 1830 to 1833, Palmer was a significant participant in 19th-century controversies concerning the Bank’s proper management. In 1802 he entered into a partnership with two others as East India merchants and shipowners, and remained active in business until weeks before his death in 1858. ‘[A] vigorous, outspoken man’ (Clapham 1944, vol. 2, p. 114), he was first elected a director of the Bank in 1811 and was regularly re-elected thereafter except for the usual hiatus every third year before 1828 and again in 1845–6. By 1857, when his service terminated, he was the senior director of the Court.


Bank Charter Act (1844) Bank of England Bank rate Central banking Palmer rule Usury Laws 

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