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Spiethoff, Arthur August Kaspar (1873–1957)

  • Ingo Barens
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Spiethoff was born on 13 May 1873 in Düsseldorf and died on 4 April 1957 in Tübingen. He was a student of Adolph Wagner and research assistant to Gustav Schmoller. In 1908 he was appointed professor at Prague University and from 1918 held a chair of political economy at Bonn University until his retirement in 1939. He was the long-time editor of Schmollers Jahrbuch and (with Edgar Salin) of Handund Lehrbücher aus dem Gebiet der Sozialwissenschaften.


Business cycles German Historical School Investment Juglar, C. Kondratieff cycles Methodology of economics Spiethoff, A. A. K. 

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