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Uno, Kozo (1897–1977)

  • T. Sekine
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A prominent Japanese Marxian economist known especially for his rigorous and systematic reformulation of Marx’s Capital. Born in Kurashiki in western Japan in a year of intense social unrest, Uno early took an interest in anarcho-syndicalism and Marxism. Not being of an activist temperament, however, he strictly disciplined himself to remain, throughout his life, within the bounds of independent academic work. For this deliberate separation of theory (science) from practice (ideology) he was frequently criticized. After studying in Tokyo and Berlin in the early 1920s, Uno taught at Tohoku University (1924–38), the University of Tokyo (1947–58) and Hosei University (1958–68). During most of the war years he kept away from academic institutions. He authored many controversial books, especially after the war. His eleven-volume Collected Works were published by Iwanami-Shoten in 1973–4.


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