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Weintraub, Sidney (1914–1983)

  • J. A. Kregel
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Weintraub was born in Brooklyn, New York, on 28 April 1914 and died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 19 June 1983. Professor at the University of Pennsylvania from 1950 until his death, Weintraub was widely known as the originator (with Henry Wallich) of tax-based incomes policy (TIP); his professional reputation is based on his early criticism (1959b) of the ‘neoclassical synthesis’ of Keynes’s macroeconomics and Walrasian general equilibrium and his own highly original attempts to produce a microeconomics compatible with Keynes’s macroeconomic theory.


Aggregate demand and supply Neoclassical synthesis Price theory Tax-based incomes policy Weintraub, S. 

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