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Hollander, Jacob Harry (1871–1940)

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Born in Baltimore, Maryland on 23 July 1871, Hollander spent his entire career at the Johns Hopkins University, studying under R.T. Ely and J.B. Clark, graduating AB in 1891, PhD in 1894, and joining the faculty immediately thereafter. A versatile scholar, his special fields were labour economics, the history of economic thought, and public finance. In the first of these he ran a notable seminar for several decades with his colleague George Barnett, and both were elected President of the American Economic Association, Hollander in 1921, Barnett in 1932. As a doctrinal historian Hollander is especially remembered for his discovery and editing of Ricardo’s letters, and the latter’s important Notes on Malthus. He also collected a major library of works on economics. As a tax and financial expert Hollander held numerous local, state, federal and international posts, especially in Puerto Rico (1900–1901) and in the Dominican Republic (1905–1907), where he continued to serve as financial adviser up to 1910. He was a pacifist, opposing US membership of the League of Nations, and a defender of Prohibition.

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