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Higgs, Henry (1864–1940)

  • Murray Milgate
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The original edition of this Dictionary was reprinted (with revisions) by Inglis Palgrave on a number of occasions during his lifetime. The only edition compiled by someone other than Palgrave himself was that which Henry Higgs published between 1923 and 1926. That revised edition, which for the first time incorporated Palgrave’s name into the title, important as it was, had to be compiled under the severe restriction of having to use the original plates for the bulk of the text. This permitted Higgs only two avenues for bringing the original up to date. The first was to add, in an appendix to each volume, biographical notices of economists who had died since the compilation of the original and, in a few cases, continuations of articles already to be found in the body of the text. The second was even more inhibiting and involved replacing sections of the text of the original with new material of exactly the same number of words. One senses behind Higgs’s bland explanation of this course of action – that to reset the whole would ‘have necessitated a prohibitive price for the volume’ – more than a note of regret.

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