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Davanzati, Bernardo (1529–1606)

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Merchant, classical scholar, translator and economist, Davanzati was born in Florence where, apart from a period of residence in Lyon as a merchant, he worked until his death. His contributions to economics are contained in Notizia dei cambi (1582) which explains the operation of the foreign exchanges, and Lezione delle Monete (1588), translated into English in 1696 as A Discourse Upon Coin presumably because of its relevance to the recoinage controversies. Besides these economic writings, Davanzati produced a history of the English Reformation (1602) and a translation of Tacitus (1637) frequently described as a masterpiece of Italian literature.


Barter Davanzati, B. Division of labour Foreign exchange markets Money Paradox of value Quantity theory of money Scarcity 

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