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Díaz-Alejandro, Carlos (1937–1985)

  • José Gabriel Palma
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Carlos Díaz-Alejandro was the most prominent Latin American economist of his generation. In his short professional life he gave us powerful insights into Latin America’s trade and development, and its economic and financial history. In true Kindlebergian tradition, he was particularly fascinated by the region’s many financial crises. His contributions were characterized by a rare capacity to weave together history and theory, abstract economic theory and complex Latin American sociopolitical life. In this way, he avoided the sterility of pure formalistic theory that characterized so much of the economics of his own generation and the next.


Absorption approach to the balance of payments Capital account liberalization Capital controls Current account liberalization Devaluation Díaz-Alejandro, C Economic history Elasticity approach to the balance of payments Export-led growth Hirschman, A.O Import substitution Import-substituting industrialization Inflation International Monetary Fund Kindleberger, C Prebisch, R Redistribution of income 

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