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Structure of Higher Education System


Italian higher education is composed of the university sector (State universities, non-State universities, universities for foreigners, higher schools, online universities) and the non-university sector (higher schools in fine and applied arts, in language mediation, archiving, higher technical education).

Stages of Studies

University level first stage


First-cycle programme corresponding to 3 years' study and 180 ECTS credits.

University level second stage

Laurea Magistrale/ Master Universitario di 1° livello

Second-cycle programme corresponding to 2 years' study and 120 ECTS credits (Laurea Magistrale) or 1 year's study and 60 ECTS credits (Master Universitario di 1° livello).

University level third stage

Dottorato di Ricerca/ Diploma di Specializzazione di 2° livello/ Master Universitario di 2° livello

Third-cycle programme corresponding to min. 3 years (Dottorato di Ricerca), 2 to 6 years and 120 to 360 ECTS credits (Diploma di...

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