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Structure of Higher Education System


Higher education can be provided by the Hungarian state, the national minority government, ecclesiatical and business organisations, or foundations. All higher education institutions must obtain an operating license and their recognition must be endorsed by the National Assembly. The Senate is the supreme body of higher education institutions.

Stages of studies

University level first stage

Undergraduate studies

The Alapfokozat (Bachelor degree) is a first cycle degree. Courses leading to Alapfokozat (Bachelor degree) require the taking of a minimum of 180 and a maximum of 240 credits. The length of the programme extends to a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 semesters. Students complete their studies with a final examination. The final examination may consist of several parts – the defence of the degree thesis, and an additional oral, written or practical examinations – as defined in the curriculum. The degree give access to the labour...

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