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Structure of Higher Education System


Guinea-Bissau opened its first public university in November 2003. Created by government decree in 1999, the Amilcar Cabral University admitted its first students in January 2004. The University, due to financial problems, was taken back under control of the Grupo Lusófona and became the Universidade lusófona da Guiné (ULG) in 2008. There are several public institutions and for the moment, two private universities.

Stages of studies

University level first stage


The first cycle of university studies leads to a Licenciatura awarded after four or five years’ study (medicine, law)

Admission to Higher Education

Admission to university-level studies

Name of Secondary school credential required: High School Diploma

National Bodies

Ministério da Educação Nacional (Ministry of National Education)

Minister: Odete Semedo


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Source: IAU from desk research, 2017.

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