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Structure of Higher Education System


Higher education is provided by junior colleges, colleges, and universities, both public and private, not for-profit institutions.

Stages of studies

University level first stage

Bachelor’s degree

Admission to this first stage is based on the results obtained in the Universities and Colleges Joint Entrance Examination. A total of 128 credits is required for a Bachelor’s degree. In most disciplines Bachelor’s degree programs are four years in length. The exceptions are architecture (five years), veterinary medicine (six years), dentistry (six years), and medicine (seven years). Bachelor’s degree programs undertaken at the Open University and at the Open University of Kaohsiung are seven to eight years in length.

University level second stage

Master’s degree

Further specialization leads to a Master’s degree which requires two to four years of study, and completion of a shorter thesis or related project. A Master’s degree is commenced...

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