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Structure of Higher Education System


Higher education is provided by higher schools - universities, specialized higher schools (academies, institutes etc) and independent colleges. Some universities and colleges are private. Higher education is regulated by the 1995 Law on Higher Education (latest amend. and suppl. SG. 98/9 Dec 2016) and the Law for the Development of Academic Staff (May 2010, latest amend. SG. 68/2 Aug 2013).

Stages of studies

University level first stage

Bakalavr (Bachelor)

This stage of higher education lasts for at least four years of regular study of at least 240 credits and leads to the Bachelor's degree (Bakalavr) in many fields. It is a first cycle degree according to the Bologna process and corresponds to level 6 in the EQF. This is a degree created by the Higher Education Act of 1995. However, there are some fields where the Bachelor does not exist and where studies lead directly to the second stage of studies (Master's degree level) e.g. Law,...

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