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Structure of Higher Education System


Togo follows the LMD system, and students choose either professionnally-oriented studies or a research- / academic-based course. Students may, with permission, change from one strand to the other. Higher education is provided by the Université de Lomé, the University of Kara, and a number of other public, and private, institutions.

Stages of studies

University level first stage


The Licence is obtained after three years' study; students may opt for a professionally-oriented Licence.

University level second stage


The Master's degree is obtained after two years' study, and may be either research-based or professionnaly-oriented.

University level third stage


The Doctorate is obtained after three years' study and research.

Admission to Higher Education

Admission to university-level studies

Name of Secondary school credential required: Baccalauréat

For entry to: All institutions

Minimum score/requirement: 10/20


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