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Structure of Higher Education System


The Ministry of Education and Research has overall responsibility for higher education in Norway. Higher education is offered by four types of higher education institutions: university (universitet), specialized university institution (vitenskapelig høyskole), accredited university college (akkreditert høyskole), and university college with accredited study programmes (høyskole med akkrediterte studier). The differences between the types of higher education institutions are related to their self-accrediting authority. All public and private higher education in Norway is subject to the Act Relating to Universities and University Colleges (Lov 2005-04-01 nr 15). An institution’s right to award specific degrees and the prescribed lengths of study are codified in Regulations on Degrees and Titles protected by Law (FOR 2005-12-16 nr 1574). The awarding of master’s degrees is regulated by the Regulations on requirements for awarding a master’s...

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