Jomaa, Mehdi (Tunisia)

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Mehdi Jomaa was appointed interim prime minister in Jan. 2014 after months of political paralysis. An engineer, he had no political affiliation and little political experience. His administration organised and oversaw the elections of Nov. and Dec. 2015.

Early Life

Mehdi Jomaa was born in Mahdia on 21 April 1962. He graduated from the National Engineering School of Tunis in 1989 and later received a postgraduate diploma in structural mechanics, design and modelling.

Having joined Hutchinson, part of the French conglomerate Total, in 1988, he spent the next 23 years working as a senior engineer and manager. Following the revolution that toppled the regime of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in Jan. 2011, Jomaa left the private sector to take a role in Tunisia’s transition to democracy. He was invited to serve as an independent candidate in the Islamist (Ennahda)-led coalition government of Prime Minister Ali Larayedh, becoming minister of industry in March 2013.


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