Ansip, Andrus (Estonia)

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When Andrus Ansip was sworn in as prime minister of Estonia on 13 April 2005, he took charge of the country’s 12th government since its independence in 1991. A right-leaning former investment banker who was mayor of the second largest city, Tartu, for 6 years, Ansip pledged to implement policies that would attract investment and strengthen Estonia’s position as a dynamic, post-industrial economy. His coalition government retained power in parliamentary elections in March 2007 and March 2011. He stood down in March 2014. In Nov. 2014 he took up a position in the European Commission under its new president Jean-Claude Juncker.

Early Life

Ansip was born in Tartu in the Soviet Republic of Estonia (ESSR) on 1 Oct. 1956. He attended local schools and graduated from the University of Tartu with a diploma in chemistry in 1979. He remained at the historic university to undertake further academic study, and later joined the municipal Committee of the Estonian Communist Party (ECP),...

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