Jagdeo, Bharrat (Guyana)

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Bharrat Jagdeo, representing the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), took over from President Janet Jagan in 1999, when the latter retired on health grounds, and was re-elected in 2001 and 2006, serving until Dec. 2011. Jagdeo’s main challenges were placating civil unrest caused by rivalry between supporters of the PPP and the opposition People’s National Congress (PNC) and negotiating settlements of border disputes with Suriname and Venezuela.

Early Life

Jagdeo was born on 23 Jan. 1964. He studied economics before taking a master’s degree at the Friendship University in Moscow, Russia. He had joined the PPP’s youth group, the Progress Youth Organization, in 1977, becoming a full PPP member 3 years later. In 1990 he worked as an economist in the state planning secretariat. When the PPP came to power in 1992 he was appointed special adviser to the finance ministry from which he progressed to the post of junior finance minister the following year. He also served on various PPP...

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