Hollande, François (France)

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François Hollande was elected the 24th president of the French Republic in May 2012. A Socialist Party veteran, his election returned the Left to the Élysée Palace for the first time since his one-time mentor, François Mitterrand, departed office in 1995. Renowned for his understated manner and dry wit, Hollande led the Socialist Party from 1997–2008 but had never served in a ministerial role. His presidential tenure has focused heavily on economic issues in the wake of negative growth and continuing eurozone instability, which have prompted a sustained slide in his voter approval rating. More recently, however, radical Islamist threats to French domestic security have increasingly dominated the political agenda. Abroad, Hollande ordered French military intervention in the former African colony of Mali in Jan. 2013 in support of its government against Islamist rebels and in the Central African Republic in Dec. that year in response to sectarian violence. He left office in...

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