Haughey, Charles (Ireland)

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Charles Haughey was three times Prime Minister (Taoiseach) of the Republic of Ireland (1979–81, March–Dec. 1982 and 1987–92). As leader of Fianna Fáil, he was a fervent nationalist who voiced his opposition to the 1985 Anglo-Irish Treaty. However, he worked within its confines when in power. His career was underscored by allegations of corruption and dubious activities that led to his eventual resignation and criminal proceedings.

Early Life

Charles James Haughey was born in Castlebar, Country Mayo on 16 Sept. 1925 into a Catholic nationalist environment. He took a degree in law and accounting at University College Dublin before marrying the daughter of future Irish Prime Minister, Sean Lemass, in 1991. In 1957 he entered parliament (the Dáil) and 4 years later, under Lemass, he was appointed Minister of Justice. He later served as Minister in the Departments of Finance and Agriculture.

In 1970 he was sacked, along with fellow minister Neil Blaney, from government by Prime...

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