Gyurcsány, Ferenc (Hungary)

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Multi-millionaire businessman Ferenc Gyurcsány became Hungary’s prime minister on 29 Sept. 2004 after just 2 years in mainstream politics. His promotion came when his mentor and fellow Socialist Péter Medgyessy unexpectedly resigned. In the autumn of 2006 his premiership was undermined by violent anti-government protests in Budapest over revelations that he had misled voters at the April elections about the poor state of the public finances. His tarnished reputation declined further through 2008 as the global financial crisis highlighted the continuing poor performance and increasing vulnerability of the country’s economy. He announced his intention to stand down as prime minister in March 2009 and left office in April.

Early Life

Gyurcsány was born in the town of Pápa in western Hungary on 4th June 1961. He entered the Janus Pannonius University in Pécs in 1980 and graduated with a teaching qualification in 1984. He remained at the university and studied economics for the...

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