Gutiérrez, Lucío (Ecuador)

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A former army colonel and leader of a short lived coup in 2000, Lucío Edwin Gutiérrez Borbúa was elected president in Nov. 2002 on a leftwing populist agenda. Although politically inexperienced, his promises to tackle widespread poverty and corruption found favour with Ecuador’s poor majority.

Early Life

Gutiérrez was born on 23 March 1957 in Quito. He spent his early years in Tena, Napo province, before joining the army at the age of 15. After graduating in 1977 from the Colegio Militar Eloy Alfaro (military college) in Quito, he studied civil engineering at the Escuela Politécnica del Ejército and later business administration. He rose to the rank of colonel.

Unknown to the public, Gutiérrez came onto the political scene in Jan. 2000 during popular protests against the government of President Jamil Mahuad. On 21 Jan. 2000 Gutiérrez joined forces with the Quechua leader Antonio Vargas Huatatoca to depose the president in a bloodless coup and form a junta government....

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