Gunnlaugsson, Sigmundur Davíð (Iceland)

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Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson was sworn in as prime minister on 23 May 2013. Chairman of the liberal Progressive Party, he was 38 when elected to power, making him one of the world’s youngest heads of government.

Early Life

Gunnlaugsson was born in Reykjavík on 12 March 1975. His father was a prominent businessman and chairman of Icelandair, the country’s main airline. Gunnlaugsson graduated in business and economics from the University of Iceland before reading international relations and public administration at Copenhagen University. He earned his doctorate in economics and political science from the University of Oxford in England.

From 2000–07 he worked as a journalist at RUV, the Icelandic national broadcaster. He was elected to the Alþingifor the Reykjavík North constituency in April 2009, having become chairman of the Progressive Party earlier in the year. He was appointed to the parliamentary foreign affairs committee and in 2010 joined the EU–Iceland joint...

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