Grindeanu, Sorin (Romania)

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Sorin Grindeanu of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) was sworn in as prime minister on 4 Jan. 2017, at the head of a coalition with the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats.

Early Life

Grindeanu was born on 5 Dec. 1973 in Caransebeş and graduated from the mathematics and computer science faculty at the University of Timişoara West in 1997. He then undertook further studies in Germany, Portugal and the UK.

In Nov. 1996 he became a member of the PSD. He held several positions at the University of Timişoara West between 1998 and 2001, while also holding senior roles in the PSD youth organization in Timiş. From 2001–04 he was the director of the Timiş County youth and sports department and from 2005–08 he had senior management posts in two private companies.

Having sat on Timişoara’s local council since 2004, in June 2008 Grindeanu became the city’s deputy mayor and remained in office until Jan. 2013. After entering parliament in 2012, he was elected deputy secretary general of...

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