Fujimori, Alberto (Peru)

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Alberto Keinya Fujimori was president of Peru between 1990–2000. Using hardline policies, Fujimori stabilized Peru’s critical economy and restricted the influence of left-wing guerrillas. He was forced to resign amid charges of corruption, fraud and embezzlement.

Early Life

The son of Japanese immigrants and agricultural workers, Fujimori was born on 28 July 1938 in Lima. He was educated at the reputable La Molina University––the Agrarian National University––where he took a degree in agronomic engineering. After studying in Strasbourg and taking a master’s in maths at the University of Wisconsin, he pursued a career in academic administration at La Molina. He was later hosted a television programme, in which he earned a reputation for political analysis.

Following years of military dictatorship and ineffectual governing, the democratically elected Alan García Pérez (1985–90) had left Peru in economic ruin. Corruption and guerrilla warfare were coupled with a low GNP,...

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