Fraser, Malcolm (Australia)

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Malcolm Fraser was Australia’s Liberal Prime Minister from 1975–83; he was one of the longest serving premiers. He came to power following the controversial sacking of the Labor incumbent, Gough Whitlam. He cut public spending in an attempt to reverse the declining economic outlook following Whitlam’s tenure, with limited success. He advocated increased Aboriginal rights and supported Australia’s continuing role in the ANZUS Pact. He resigned following defeat by a rejuvenated Labor Party in 1983.

Early Life

John Malcolm Fraser was born on 21 May 1930 in Nareen, Victoria into a wealthy family. He graduated from Magdalene College, Oxford with a master’s in politics, philosophy and economics. He entered parliament as the member for Wannon in Victoria in 1955, becoming the youngest member of parliament and a favourite of Robert Menzies. A year later he married Tamara Beggs, with whom he would have four children. In Jan. 1966, in the administration of Harold Holt, Fraser became...

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