Fradkov, Mikhail (Russia)

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Mikhail Fradkov served as prime minister of Russia from March 2004 to Sept. 2007, working through the final years of Vladimir Putin’s presidential administration. Fradkov entered into government as part of Russia’s first reformist government following the fall of the Soviet Union, and he progressed through the ministerial ranks with a serenity made rare by the turbulent political climate of the 13 years preceding his appointment as prime minister. Fradkov’s success under the regimes of both Yeltsin and Putin is attributed to his low-profile style and his perceived independence from warring factions in the Kremlin. His unexpected nomination by Putin to be prime minister, and his subsequent role as Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service, have led to speculation that he may have been involved in the Soviet Union’s state security forces prior to his entry into government.

Early Life

Mikhail Yefimovich Fradkov was born on 1 Sept. 1950 in the village of Kurumoch, in the...

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