Flores Facussé, Carlos Roberto (Honduras)

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Carlos Roberto Flores Facussé was president of Honduras from 1998–2001. Representing the Partido Liberal de Honduras (PLH), he succeeded PLH president Carlos Roberto Reina. Disaster relief following Hurricane Mitch in 1998 dominated Flores’ presidency while border conflict with Nicaragua was narrowly avoided. Falling coffee prices and high crime rates contributed to the PLH’s defeat in the 2001 election.

Early Life

Flores was born on 10 March 1950 in the capital Tegucigalpa. He gained a degree in industrial engineering from Louisiana University before studying international economics. On his return to Honduras he worked in business and public finance, both for the national bank and the social security institute before running a media group. He became politically active with the PLH at the end of the 1970s. Regional leader between 1980–81, from 1982–94 he was deputy for the Francisco Morazán region. Between 1994–98 Flores was Reina’s minister of the presidency.

In 1998...

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